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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2004|07:50 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Nothingface - Murder is Masturbation]

Holy crap! I'm finally updating this piece of shit! w00t w00t! God... school has already started, 2 hurricanes have hit (3rd on its way), many things have happened! OMF!

Okay, anyways, I dunno why I'm updating, guess I'm just extremely bored. I guess I'll start off with school...

School is okay, uh, my teachers are okay... I guess everything is okay! I have an elevator key so I don't have to go up and down the stairs all the friggin time... I'm such a lazy ass, but oh well. I havn't had much homework yet, and school got cancled for a week due to Hurricane Charley (Which blew ass). We get free food at lunch until the 10th though, I guess thats cool! Nothing new happening at school cept' I don't really have any friends in my classes! ugh!

Uh, my DDR life is going good. I passed a new 9 foot song (Dead End) and I love that song now! I'm still trying to pass Drop Out 260... but that doesn't seem to want to happen at the moment, Oh well. I went with Maria one Saturday to IOA (We took the Bus) and met a girl named Tiffany, she was cool! Mike showed off his skills at DDR by doing a song while spinning and not even looking at the screen... Maria and I just played normally. I went with Ross last Friday to Rocky's, I met a guy at my school (Didn't know he went to WP) ... he's in IB and fairly good at DDR, we also met these 2 guys that were 26 and 18, one went to Rollins and one finished college.

I'm turning 17 soon (This Sunday) and can finally get into rated R movies without sneaking in! Go me! Though, this weekend is going to get ruined because of that bitchass hurricane Frances... I want to hurt it... but it'd probably hurt me worse. I can't believe that I'm turning 17, it feels like just last month I turned 16... the years are starting to fly past... I heard somewhere that the years go by fast when you're about to die... am I about to die!? I dunno... I hope not.

My b/f and I are doing well, we didn't get to see eachother 3 weeks in a row because of Hurricane Charlie... I hate hurricanes so fucking much! But we made due... we saw eachother last week, but I got a cold sore so I couldn't do anything Oraly to him ;) But its gone now so it doesn't matter!

Hurricane Charlie... how I hated it.... I really wanted it to hit us at first, but I didn't know how much devistation it would casue. Trees were down all over the fucking place, electricity was gone for 8 days... it was Horrible! Now Frances desides it's going to top Charlie and hit us with twice the force! I hate Florida so much...

I started an Online DJ job at www.crankitupradio.com (Tune in!) Its fun. I'm on Tuesdays and Tursdays 3:30pm - 6pm and Wednesdays 3pm - 6pm. The DJs are pretty cool, though the owner sometimes gets to me... dunno how long this DJ thing is going to last. They want me in The Sims Online, On Yahoo Messenger, on AIM, and have the DJ tools open, that is HELL on my ram for this computer... I can't wait until I get my laptop...

Okay, I'm going to go to bed... even though its only 8pm I'm fucking tired! I'll update hopefully this weekend IF we have power...

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Another survey! [Jul. 14th, 2004|11:36 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |Erase The Grey - Waiting]

. Slept in your bed: It was me! Unless I don't know of something... >.<
. Made you cry: Uh... Probably myself.
. You shared a drink with: I dunno, I usually don't share drinks.
. You went to the movies with: My b/f
. You went to the mall with: Erin
. Yelled at you: My parents
. Said they were going to kill you: my brother
. Said "I love you" and meant it?: My b/f ^_^

*Been to New York?: Yes, on a field trip in the 8th grade :-P
*Been to Florida?: I live there... WTF?!
*California?: No, but I want to!
*Hawaii?: Eek! Lava!
*Mexico?: The people there... They don't know the meaning of llava (To wash)
*China?: No, but I'm asian!
*Canada?: Yup! They gots themselfs some floppy heads!
*Danced naked?: Yeah, it was fun!
*Got a really bad feeling about something then it happened?: Uh-Huh.... Damn Deja Vu!

*Wish you were the opposite sex?: No, girls are icky, but boobs are cool!
*Had an imaginary friend?: Uh-huh, he is sitting next to me! Yay!
*Red or blue?: No Black? Pfft!
*Spring or fall?: Fall, even though it hurts
*Math or English?: School Sucks Eggs!
*What are you going to do after you finish this survey?: Whatever the fuck I want
*What was the last food you ate?: A chocolate bar that had nuts in it!
*How many buddies are on?: 21 of em! Out of 180... but then again, its almost 12am!
*Last movie you saw?: Idle Hands, it was neat!
*Last time you went out of the state: Last year in the summa!
*Things you like in a girl/guy: I don't like girl/guys
*Do you have a crush on someone?: Yup!
*Do they know?: Duh! I'm dating them.. OMF
*What's his/her name?: MYOB Beitch!
*What book are you reading now?: Fallen Angels, just cause I have to
*What's on your mouse pad?: A "Stay in school" piece of shit... I need a throw it out or burn it.
*Favorite board game?: Anyone that I win at
*Favorite magazine?: Pr0n ^-^
*Worst feeling in the world?: Diarrhea, nasty!
*What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: *Hit the snooze button and goes back to sleep*
*Chocolate or vanilla?: I like Strawberry, 'tis good!
*Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: I used to, it was a bunnay!
*If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?: Archetect or Rollercoaster Designer.
*Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? Yeah, but I always make smoe stupid tyoing error!
*What's under your bed?: A skary monster!
*Hair Color: Dark!
*Eye Color: Doodoo brown
*Height Currently: 5'10"
*Glasses/contacts: none! I need some though
*College Plans: MIT... but doubt I can get in, oh well! how about Bum School!?
*Best Friend/s: All my friends ^_^
*Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Yeah...
*Current Crush: Dating them ^_^
*Things I Like to do: Sitting on my bum infront of this computer or going on Rollercoasters!
*What Type Automobile Do You Drive: I drive? News to me!
*Are You Timely Or Always Late: Depends on how excited I am to be at that place.
*Do You Like Being Around People: No, I hate everyone! j/k

*Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: Yes, many times... but one day, I sware!
*Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Same Sex Did: That question is confusing! *Delete*
*Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: Yeah, but some people defy odds and don't fit my "type" but I love them all the same!
*Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: No, I like my b/f bunches!
*Ever Liked a close Guy/Girl Friend: Nope
*Are You Lonely Right Now: I'm alone, but not lonely, I have myself ATM
*Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: WEll, seeing how Bush doesn't want gay marrage, yes...
*Do You Want To Get Married: Hell yeah!
*Do You Want Kids: Maybe... but its a stretch... gotta adopt though

*Room In house: My room or Kitchen, either...
*Type of music: ANy type of Rock music that is rock and has rock in it!
*Song: Many
*Memory: Meeting my b/f
*Day Of the week: Saturday, makes me happy to know that I don't gotta do shit! But do I ever... even when it is Saturday?
*Color: Black, yay! But that is the absence of color... but who the fuck cares!?
*Perfume Or Cologne: The one my b/f wears, it smells gooooood!
*Flower: Tulip, hehe
*Month: December, something depressing and yet happy about it at the same time.
*Season: Winter, its cold! But I want snow! I gotta move up north....
*Location for dates: A bed -_^

*Cried: No
*Bought something: Yeah! SimCity4... another videogame to preoccupy my time!
*Gotten Sick: Uh... well, I'd be sick right now, but I'm not.. so no?
*Sang: Yup! In the shower, it was perty!
*Said I Love You: Uh-huh
*Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didnt: No, I'm forward with my thoughs
*Met Someone New: Nope
*Moved On: From what? THat question was really vague
*Talked To Someone: Okay... I'm not that fooken anti-social
*Had A Serious Talk: Are any talks I have serious?
*Missed Someone: Yup, I always miss someone
*Hugged Someone: My mommy!
*Kissed Someone: No, that makes me a sad mongoose
*Fought With Your Parents: I do that every day!
*Dreamed About Someone: No, I havn't dreamed in about 3 months... since the last time I've slept
*Had a lot of sleep: No... not for 3 months

The Generic Teenager Stereotype
Do you drink [alcohol]?: Not often, nope, not after I woke up nekkid!
Do you party a lot? How often? No... Unless its in bed -_^
Do you use drugs for recreational purposes?: OMF, stooped people!
How often do you use the word like in an average hour?: Like, Never
Do you skip classes? How often?: Teehee
Do you have casual sex? Protected?: Okay, I have uncasual sex
Do you steal?: I stole some underpants from JcPennys yesterday!
Do you wear inappropriate clothing?: Do thongs count as inappropriate... did I just say that?
Do you drool over celebrities?: No, cause they're all stuckup assholes
Do you watch a lot of TV?: No, not much, mostly computer TV
Do you ever watch the News?: News is interestin!
Do you even care about world issues?: Fuck that shit, I have better stuff to know! Like what 2+2 is!
Do you read books often?: Depends on my mood
Are you failing a lot of your classes?: ...Yeah... Hehe
Do you spend most of your time with your friends?: my b/f mostly
Do you smoke cigarettes?: Cigarettes are icky! Eww!
Do you hang out a lot in malls, or at Seven Elevens?: Uh, no, there are so many better places to be... like in my bed -_^
Do you often find yourself with a crush on someone?: No
Do you cuss a lot?: Yeah, I need fuckin stop that damn shit...
Are you desperate to fit in?: OMF, if you are, you need Diarrhea
Are you intelligent?: I can be
The Goth Stereotype
Black lipstick?: I have
Black eyeliner?: I have
Black eyeshadow?: No
Black trenchcoat?: I have
Black boots?: I have
Black fishnets?: I have
Black nail polish?: Sometimes
Cigarettes?: Okay, do all goths smoke!? NO!
Heavy metal music?: Yeah
Marilyn Manson?: Sometimes
Kittie?: They're on my playlist
Cradle of Filth?: Nope
Constant frown and perpetual angst?: No, I smile way to damn much
Do you like to be seen as: Okay, another vague question... WTF MAN!?
Are you an intellectual?: Sure! I'm intaleckutal......
An atheist?: No, I believe in God, his name is Squee (Danny)
Horrible home life?: It can be at times
Hopelessly depressed?: Sometimes, but isn't everyone?
Suffering with suicidal idealations?: I used to
Self-mutilation?: Fooken stupid!

The Punk Stereotype
Plaid?: Yep
Big black boots?: nope
Mohawk?: I did have one
Excessive piercings? [Especially facial]: no
Loud, confident and opinionated?: I can be
Wild hair colors?: I have had blue, green, yellow, and Red
NOFX?: Shit music
Rancid?: Shit music
Well versed on political scandals and outrages?: No....

The Jock Sterotype
What's your IQ?: 125
Do you watch a lot of sports?: Eww
Play a lot of sports?: No, I'd break something in my body
Talk a lot about sports?: Nope
Are you arrogant?: Nope
Are you a male or female whore?: I can be
Are you homophobic?: Okay, uh, my b/f used to be a Jock, and we're gay, not all jocks are homophobic, but lots are
Do you tease other people a lot because you want to seem confident?: I tease other people because I can
But really you're a quivering mass of insecurity?: insecure yes..but quivering whatever no
Boobs = Yes? I like boobs!
Parties = yes?: Parties in my pants!
Dropping out of high school and flipping burgers = yes?: Hell no, LMAO!

This Or That [Oh, that old coconut.]
Originality or Acceptance?: YAY! THATS ME! What?
Independence or Companionship?: Neat! Companionship!
Stability or Freedom?: Stability
Personal or Interpersonal?: Personal
Introvert or Extrovert?: introvert
Popularity or Isolation?: I'm just there....
Unique or Loved?: Whatever
Understood or Individual?: individual
You or Them?: What? I'm confused!

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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2004|04:34 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |The Blank Theory - Killing Me]


Okie, now that I got that out of the way, Stuff happened on Tuesday! Even though it's Friday now... haha. Anyways, I entered the DDR Competition at Rocky's Replay and I lost... WTF!? I dunno what happened... I Couldn't PA (Perfect attack [Get all perfects]) This time around. Oh well, maybe next time.

Finally, I'm getting around to posting something that makes since. Uh, I got a new 20gig MP3 player, I loves the sheit out of it, makes all my music organized. It also has radio on it so if I get bored listening to my crap, I can listen to other peoples crap. I was supposed to go to Wet n' Wild today, but things got screwed over, but I go to IoA tomorrow, so no worries.

I was playing Driv3r too, that game is hard! I can't get past this one part and its really starting to piss me off, I just gotta keep trying. I rented "Big Fish" I gotta go watch that sometime. We got an "Unlimited Rentals for a month" thing from Blockbuster, so I'm just renting all the movies that I possably can. So far I've seen "Mystic River" and "The Butterfly Effect" both were great movies!

I'm bored, I wanna play some video game but nothing looks interesting to play at the moment. Hell, I may just go to bed, I'm yawning all over the place, sleep is good. Expecially after being woken up at 7:30 by some guy making a buttload of noise, trying to remove a treestump. But if I take a nap, then I wake up and still don't know what to do, so I'll just stay up and amuse myself by writing things and listening to MP3 Player music.

My foot itches...

Anyways, I can't wait to go back to school.... I can't believe that I just said that, but at the moment, anything would be more fun than just sitting here on my ass doing nothing all day, maybe if we had like... 3hrs a day of school all year that wouldn't be so bad, at least we do something each day. But I'm not the head of the schoolboard so I can't do sheit about that.

Well, Ima go find SOMETHING to do... Bye!!!!!

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Survey Thingamajig.... [Jul. 8th, 2004|08:43 am]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Rollerball - Albinoni]

1. Starting time: 10:50PM
2. Name: Michael Redig
3. Nicknames: Mike, Mikey, Mikey Poo, Lithium, Kamikaze, David, Orlando, Elvis
4. Name spelled backwards: Leahcim
5. Hometown/Location: Winter Park, FL
6. Grade: 11th
8. Age: I am 16 going on 17
10. Hair color: Black
12. Sex: Yes, I enjoy it.... but my Gender is Male

~*~Have you ever...?~*~

14. Been so drunk that you blacked out? No, I've woken up naked though :-\
15. Missed school because it was raining? I miss school because its not raining! LoL
16. Set any body part on fire for amusement? My arm, it was fun!
17. Kept a secret from EVERYBODY? No?
18. Had an imaginary friend? Yes, his name was ... Shit! I forgot... he was a jackass anyways.
19. Wanted to hook up with a friend? Yup, and they were Girls!
20. Cried during a flick? Yes, sadly, it was Pokemon
21. Ever liked a teacher? I like to lie to them, and they believe me! Who is teachin who!?
22. Ever thought an animated character was hott? Not really....
23. Ever prank called someone? I like to prank call people... but fookin *69
24. Been on stage? Yeah, and what a horror it was... SO MANY PROBLEMS!
25. Fought with your parents? Is there a day when I don't?
26. Wished upon a star? Yeah, can you believe I actually believed in that bull shit!? *1mil dollars suddenly pops out of nowhere* HOLY SHIT! Gotta do that more often...
27. Laughed until you cried? Yeah, things are funnay!
28: Watched a sunrise or sunset? Um, we watch one each day... but I mostly watch animated ones on the computer.
29: Went to the beach at night? Yes, on the 4th, haha! at 12AM (Daytona)
30. Been mean? Yes, I am a mean person... beware my meanness
31. Been sarcastic? OMF, like all the fooken time...
32. Are you happy? I’m alright... are you!?
33. Are you talking to someone online? No, my awaymessage is on as always!
34. If yes, who? N/A


35. Shampoo: Garnier Frutice... I so spelled that wrong
36. Soap: Old Spice body wash, makes me smell goooood...
37. Colors: black and blue... the color of bruises!
38. Day or Night: Night, day is to bright, it makes me upset... oh how it makes me upset!
39. Kind of music: Rock, yay!
40. Favorite soda: That new Coke C2 is actually pretty good!
41. Favorite car: BMW Z3 or the Audi TT, mine!
42. Favorite perfume or cologne: The one my Bf wears, yummy!
43. Favorite radio station: 101.1 and 105.9, everything else is sheit!
44. Favorite Website: entensity.net, what a fooked up site!
45. Favorite subject in school: I like Science, but not Biology
46. Least favorite: Spanish, it blows ass
47. Favorite foods: Anything that’s not good for you, supersize me!
48. Favorite movie(s): Donnie Darko, Not another teen movie, Better Luck tomorrow, 28 Days Later, Day After Tomorrow, The Butterfly Effect.
49. favorite place: My bed... how dirty does that sound?
50. Favorite holiday: Halloween, spooky!
51. Lace or satin: Okay, I'm not that gay...
52. Favorite place to chill at: My bed ;-)
53. Favorite ice cream: I like all icecream! (Shitass Porn Spammers keep on IMing me) *Random*
54. Favorite Cartoon Character: Uh.... *Blanks out*

~*~Friends and crushes~*~

55. Have a bf/gf: Yes! Yay!
56. Loved anyone: Yes, many times... sometimes it turned out bad :-(
57. Who's the loudest: Tiffy
58. Shyest: Lisa
59. Nicest: Angie, Tiffy, Maria
60. Funniest: All of them, yes, all of you, even the ones I don't know! The human race is so fucking funny!
61. Craziest person or silliest person: Danny
62. Sweetest: My b/f
62. Who do you go to to talk: Whoever wants to listen, mostly my b/f
63. Who do you cry with: When I cry, it happens...
64. Which friend lives the farthest from you: I don't know where my friends live, haha. Maybe Karly, she lives in New Hampture or someplace like that...
65. Do you talk to your crush: Uh, I used to, but now my only crush is my b/f
66. Have you ever missed someone: Yup, many times.
67. Have you ever hugged someone you liked and wished you could do more than hug: Oh hell yes... and I've done more :-)

~*~Do you believe in...~*~

68. God/Devil: Uh, guess so!
69. Love at first sight: I didn't use to, but now I do!
70. The Big Bang Theory: *BOoOoOoOoM*
71. Heaven/Hell: Isn't that the same as God/Devil!?


72. Who named you: A porquipine..... haha, no, My parents, who the fuck do you think!?
73. When was the last time you showered: Yesterday
74. What is right next to you: *Left* Mp3 Player *Right* Papers and headphones
75. What is your computer desk made of: Fake wood.
76. What are the last 4 digits of your phone #: *House* 8043 *Cell* 2489
77. What was the last thing you ate: Uh... I think a sandwich...
78. Who do you wanna spend the rest of your life with: My b/f
79. How many buddies are on your list: 182... most of which I don't talk to or don't know.
80. How's the weather right now? Sunny, and frickin hot!
81. What's the weirdest thing you have ever eaten? Penis :-D Haha, j/k... uh, does Sushi count as weird?
82. How do you eat oreos? I eat them....
83. What will your first son's name be: I don't like kids...
84. Daughter's name will be: *Look above*
85. Do you like scary or happy movies: Happy, what do you count as happy? I like Skurry movies.
86. Do you like talking to people on the phone or in person: Person more than phone and phone more than IM.
88. Do you consider cheerleading a sport: Why do I care? Did a cheerleader make this crap!?
89. Boxers or briefs: Boxers, gotta get my b/f to change to them
90. Bacon bits or croutons: Bacon Bits :-D Yummy!
91. How long can you hold your breath: *Trys and Blacks out* What... what happened?
92. Disneyworld or Disneyland: Neither! Fook disney!
93. Do you do drugs: Flinstone Vitamins are go0o0o0od!
94. Do you make fun of people: Haha, yeah, its so fun! Tourists mostly
95. Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Yup, about 4 times or so, I'm so bad... >.<
96. One pillow or two: Many, about 5 or so
97. Piercing or tattoo: Piercing, but Tattoos can look hott on the right person.
98. What's your bedtime? I don't know the menaing of that word, it got lost somewhere when I was 6.
99. Adidas, Nike or Reebok: Shoes are shoes.
100. Most embarrassing moment: Lots!
101. Do you attend church regularly? No, it bores the hell out of me.
102. What do you look for in the opposite sex? I like the same sex, so this is N/A
103. Favorite quotes: "Even the worst things in the world happen for a reason" "Do I look fat in this?"
104. Do you like to swim? Yeah, swimming makes me happy!
105. Do you have a job? No, I want one though...
106. Pools or ocean: Pool, Ocean just to sit by it...
107. Pencil or pen: Pencil
108. Who's better, guys or girls? Guys, they're perty...
109. Do you sing in the shower? In my head only, people've heard me singing out loud before... never again....
110. Who is the best-looking person? My b/f
111. The best way to die: Having a huge icecicle fall straight thru your head while Ice Wall Climbing.
112. When do you want to die? Whenever
113. Have you ever called an 800 number? Uh.... yes.... Try calling 1-800-772-6563!
114. Would you ever go bungee-jumping? Yeah, I want to
115. Would you rather be short, semi-tall or tall? I like my height
116. Do you enjoy reading? What is reading? I should get Hooked on Phonics 1-800-ABCDEFG!
117. Which Winnie the Pooh character is your favorite? Tigger...
118. What was the last movie you saw? In the theatres? Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban... but a rerun movie I saw was Day after Tomorrow.
119. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? I did... it was a bunny!
120. What is your zodiac sign? Virgo, the virgin... but I'm not.
122. Would you ever have cosmetic surgery? Probably not.
123. Do you like to dance? DDR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! w00t w00t!
124. What do you think of people who drink? Whatever, jsut don't over do it.
125. People who do drugs? "Drugs are bad..."
126. Better to laugh or cry? Laugh... though, it can make you cry.
127. Do you think men and women could ever just be friends? Depends, I'm friends with many "Women"
128. Do you bite your nails? Sometimes, when I get a hangnail
129. What is your worst habit? Masturbating, haha j/k... uh... not clening up dishes.
131. Did you ever cry over someone of the opposite sex? Uh... No... Same sex, yes.
132. Who in your life is the biggest role model? Myself, I'm my own person.
134. Do you organize your cds? If you call them lying all over the place organized, then yes... yes I do!
135. Who makes fun of you the most? I dunno, whoever...
138. Ending time: 9:11 AM (It took me a day to do this because I fell asleep in the middle of it!)
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a0osyh! w00t! [Jun. 30th, 2004|11:14 pm]

I dunno what is weird, I just felt like saying that cause I can! Hahaha and I just POOTED right in YOUR FACE! w00t w00t goes the l337 train!

I'm not looking at the computer or even thinking about what I'm pig righ now like typing and shit what is up with your nostral if I even spelled that correctly... more nonsence to fill up your mind and your anus with big corn pieces that are gigantic.... I like using periods.... they're fun and shit... and I'm tired so don't mind my babbling... w00t!
I started a new line just now cause I could and there is nothing you can do to stop me! I hope I don't have any spelling errors because I'm not looking at what I'm typing so the keys could be all messed up right now for all I know, and If I'm doing well, hurray for meatloaf!

Llama and beans are fun to eat, so eat them all the time! *That is supposed to be a song*

More songs!

"Scooter man! He's the man with a plan... and a scooter!"

"Trees are green and have brow bark and give you oxygen... lots of oxygen!"

I like writing pretty songs like that... you enjoy them with yourselfs!

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Fill it out! [Jun. 17th, 2004|09:55 pm]
Fill it out! You know you want to ^_^

I_____ Mike.
Mike is____.
If I were alone in a room with Mike, I would _____.
I think Mike should _____.
Mike needs _____.
I want to ____ Mike.
Mike can ____ my ____.
Someday Mike will _____
Mike reminds me of _____.
Without Mike _____.
Mike can be _____.
_____ is how I describe meeting Mike.
Worst thing about Mike is _____.
Best thing about Mike is _____.
I am ________ with Mike.
If Mike was dead I would _____.
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Peoples responce to "I crapped myself" [Jun. 17th, 2004|09:42 pm]
I IMed random people on my buddy list saying "I crapped myself" this is their responce:

Lisa - "what the hell"
Cristian- "wow"
Katie - "good for you"
Wendy - "i could say something about that but it would be really mean"
Laurie - "...What the fuck"
Kelly - "thats nice to hear"
Karly - "Hahaha, fun"
Jimmy - "Signed off at 9:36PM"
Maria - "wow, did i really need to know that?"

Yay! As you can see, people don't give a fuck if you crap yourself!
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Waste your Life reading this! [Jun. 15th, 2004|12:25 am]
PooP... I dunno whatelse to say...

Hey, its like... 12:30am right now, and I have summer school tomorrow and OMF! I need sleep but this daymn Ecastcy is keepin me awake and shit! Ahhh! Hey, wouldn't it be funny if there was a toe... n/m, I'm not going to continue with this story.

Boring Space

End Boring Space

But yet, I'm still bored, can someone help. I wanna do something.... but then again, I wanna do something 24/7 and I have homework from summer school and shit, 2 days left and not done anything for class! FUCK! Theres waffle in 'em!

I need something... anything.... I needa see Todd cause I do! I DoOoooOOooOoOO! This makes absolutely no since, wasting time with nonsence writing that has absolutly nothing to do with Anchovies or Bressal Sprouts! (Which, by the way, are icky)

Hey, I'm off my addiction from The Sims Online! I'm free from its grip of DooM! (I made a double spacke between "Free" and "From" just thought I'd let you know) So now I'm all sober from TSO, I think, I'll go back eventually, but not for another year or so. I don't wanna go to school tomorrow, people there are retarded and I wanna take a Spork and shove it into their nazle cavity of horrors, that'll shut them up for good! No more eggs for them mouths!

Butter (Random)

Why is there bottled water in the world when you can go outside and get poooolluted water for free insted of payin fookin $2.50 for SHEIT water that is CoNtAmInAtEd from... THINGS!

Fast Food Woman - "Would you like fries with that?"
Me - "Is it cheaper without fries?"
Fast Food Woman - "No."
Me - "The of course I want fuckin fries with that! What kind of dumbfuck question was that!?"
Fast Food Woman - *Stares* "That'll be 4.59."
Me - "Thanks"

That'd be such a Funnay Scenerio!

I wanna add picture of funny sheit that happened to Wet N' Wild Website, but I cannot do that cause the fixed it... Pooh

U yjoml zo
, fpmr mpe

*Translation* I think I'm done now.
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Yay! [Jun. 9th, 2004|12:15 am]
Wow! You have some great knowledge of DDR!

An Actual Accurate DDR Quiz- How much do you know?
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Another DDR Personality Test! [Apr. 26th, 2004|10:54 am]

Come take the Comprehensive DDR Personality Test!

Created by ptocheia
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